26 May 2010

like this

Last weekend we buckled the kids into their respective car seats and headed off to tackle our ever expanding list of to-dos. We then hopped into the front seat and took off. Soon the road and radio noises were drowned out by the happy babbles from our Riley girl and the curious questioning from Logan. As both carried on, with no end in sight, TED and I took turns trying to acknowledge Riley's cute attempts at conversation while answering the rapid fire questions on subjects ranging from, "what kinds of clouds are those" and "where we were going" to "are lizards afraid of rain".

 Finally, after many minutes I started to laugh. I couldn't help myself.  I looked over at TED, still patiently answering all of our little boy's questions and posed one of my own... "Did you ever think this is what your life would be like?" He turned to me and laughed saying, "never".

We talked about how we would have loved to put a video camera in the car with us so that we could remember these moments and some day share them with our kids. The moments of crazy that are part of every parent's life, yet so unique that you just have to stop and take it all in. I hope we always take a moment to be in awe of what is going on around us as we watch our children grow into this big world of ours.

Truth is, I never knew life would be like this but I am so incredibly thankful that it is.

25 May 2010

Where to start

There have been many times over the past year when I have sat down down at the computer and began a sentence intended for this very space. The process is always the same~ write a few sentences, decide they can not adequately describe the entirety of events that have occurred since the last time I posted something, press the save as draft button hoping that the words will write themselves, ignore them for months on end, and ultimately leave this space woefully out-dated . Rinse and repeat.

This morning I decided that instead of trying to catch the one or two people who read this blog everyone up I will just jump in like nothing ever happened knowing full well that you realize life has happened.

Life has continued on; it has been both wonderful and trying all wrapped into one. I have an amazing husband, TWO (seriously, I still can not believe it) beautiful and healthy children, and lots on my plate. I will try my best to fill in the gaps, but in the mean time I hope you will indulge me as I jump back in and continue the story of Mrs. TED because she has lots to say :)